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"The Birthplace of Country Music" recognizes our own NANCY DRUM!
Nancy has written a BLOG which is featured on the "Birthplace of Country Music" website.
You can link to it here: The Birthplace of Country Music: Blog      
Nancy was introduced to a true Country Music legend at the age of 14. Lesley Riddle was the man
who taught Mother Maybelle Carter (she was Johnny Cash's mother-in-law, and mother of June Carter)
his unique finger picking style on the guitar, and he was largely responsible for much of the music
that The Carter Family performed. In the featured BLOG, you can read in Nancy's own words
about the night she met and performed with Mr. Riddle, who became her mentor on guitar and a
lifelong friend. Just hit the link (above), then scroll down to "The Night I Met Lesley Riddle"
from the RECENT POSTS (June 13, 2020). Enjoy!
Lesley & Nancy in the (old) news
Read a newspaper article from 1977, where the legendary Lesley Riddle
plays at Nancy's party: Bluseman Riddle Comes To A Party     
The Rochester Music Hall of Fame features Nancy in their
NEWS blog: Rochester Musician Makes History     
Country Music Guitar
The editor of Jen Reviews saw the story (above) about Nancy and Lesley Riddle, and contacted us
to tell us how much they enjoyed it. After they reached out to us, we read one of their recent articles
about gutiars (featured on their sister site: Beginner Guitar HQ). We do tend to read lots of pieces
about guitars, by the way. It was well written and well researched, and we enjoyed it so much that
we decided to share it here: Best Country Music Guitars    If you play guitar, or are just curious
to read about them, we hope that you might enjoy it, too.  

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